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1 BtVS
by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at May 29th, 2007 (02:49 pm)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

by Mahaliem, Spike/Xander, with some Spike/Buffy and Spike/Angel
What if, sometime mid season 6, Spike lost all of his memories? This fic takes this idea and turns it into a fun, hilarious romp. Spike is so guileless and wonderfully endearing in this fic. I was laughing out loud nearly the entire time I was reading it. Marvelous.
Quote: Xander rose and hastily took several steps away from the cot.

"We were just wrestling," he stammered. "Not doing the nasty, um, anything nasty." Taking a breath, Xander added a little too loudly, "I'm not gay and I wish people would stop thinking I am."

Hurrying forward, Anya grabbed his hand. "Of course you aren't. It's not your fault that people judge you on how act, how you talk, and how you keep looking at Spike's ass."