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by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at June 25th, 2007 (10:30 pm)


by innie_darling, Dean/Cassie
I do not usually read canon het, but after seeing the first few sentences of this story I was sucked in. innie_darling's lyrical prose is so gorgeous it paints a rich oil portrait of everything her protagonist experiences with poignancy and incredible warmth. It's so easy to see why Dean fell in love with Cassie within this context. Plus--greek mythology references! What's not to love?
Quote: You stick your hand out. "I'm Cassie."

He ignores it and now you're wondering if he was raised in a barn. "Not Cassandra," he says, again with certainty in his dark voice. It's getting a little annoying. His smile, perversely, gets wide and amused and sincere. "A teller of truths no one wants to hear. That's no name for a journalist."

There's a time and a place for Greek mythology and you wonder if this is all an elaborate April Fool's prank, if this guy can possibly be for real.

"Come see your namesake with me," he says, and even though you know better than to leave a party with a strange man who still hasn't offered you a name, you're sorely tempted. Because although it's nearly midnight, his voice is like autumn sunshine shot through with lazy dust motes, and you'd be getting to see the stars with the sun at your side; you'd get to be Sally Ride.

"Let me get my bag," you say and he doesn't even brush softly against you as he heads for the back door.