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I'm Back!
by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at February 6th, 2010 (06:14 pm)

So, it's been a while, but I've decided to revive this place, as I really adore giving recs. I now have a del.icio.us account, where I tag any fics that I've read that I think are worth giving a look. That said, the ones that I have the potential to rec here are probably the ones tagged 'fav'. It's not the most organized account (as I'm not the most organized person), but I hope it might give you numerous happy hours of reading, nonetheless. A lot of the SGA fics I've read and enjoyed are not up on this del.icio.us account, but I'm in the process of transferring them, so have patience, please :) Recs coming soon (like within the next few hours!)