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1 House
by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at February 18th, 2007 (01:37 pm)

current mood: amused

House, MD
What? A non-SGA rec? How can this be?
Believe it, people.

The Fine and Subtle Art of Cardiology
by Rageprufrock, House/Wilson
In which Wilson's not going on a date, and House isn't jealous.
The dialogue in this is absolutely spot on. When I read this I feel like I've jumped right into an episode. It's amazing, acutally. And actually, the whole scenario (minus the obvious slashiness)seems exactly like a missing episode. Oh, and did I mention that it's hilarious? Well, it is, in fact, hilarious. So you should read it. Like, right now.
Quote: Wilson looks pained. "That made no sen--never mind. Just promise me you won't do anything that'll make me regret ever having met you."

House' eyes widen. "You mean I haven't already done that?"

"No," Wilson says with a genuine smile, and the realization that Wilson is telling the truth is flattering, a little humbling, even, because House is like every eight-year-old boy who ever lived and nobody has prettier pigtails or hair ribbons than James Wilson.