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by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at February 25th, 2007 (06:20 pm)

Stargate: Atlantis

Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose
by synecdochic, John/Rodney
This is the kind of story that plunges straight through your chest, grabs your heart, and squeezes. It's just. Wow. I was in tears through half of it...not because it was sad, though it was, but because it was achingly beautiful; the experience is a prolonged exploration of Rodney's character, post-Atlantis, that lets hints drop, now and then, about what has happened to Rodney in the intervening years between where canon drops off and this story picks up. It is extremely well paced and well crafted.
This story is not for the faint of heart, so be forewarned--but reading it is ultimately an extremely rewarding experience.
Sometimes at night, he looks up into the stars, the patterns that were all he knew for so much of his life and now look like a stranger's face, and wonders what's happening out there. Wonders if they're winning; wonders if he'll wake up one morning and find they've lost. He is surprised at how little he cares. There are things he's done, and there are things he's said he'll never do again, and he knows, now, that the best and only thing he can do to change the world is to set small ripples in motion, because small ripples become large waves and the world, the universe, is a beautiful quantum jewel built from fractals of consequence and conscience.