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1 HP
by holyshamoly (holyshamoly)
at March 28th, 2007 (09:37 am)

Harry Potter

Lights Out
by karenhealey, Draco/Hermione
I actually stumbled upon this gem completely by accident. Draco/Hermione is usually not my cup of tea, because it's one of the worst written pairings in the fandom (except perhaps Draco/Ginny or Harry/Ginny). But this is nothing like the bulk of D/Hr out there--it's in character, a bit dark, and rich with emotion. In other words, utterly wonderful. There's a sequel too, if you're so inclined.
Quote: She takes a step towards him. "That wasn't a very good kiss," she says, and he flinches, and she sees it and she smiles.

"I bet I can do that better than you, too," she says, and she takes another step and then she's returning the kiss, with all the fury he'd expect in a punch.

She is better. And even knowing that she probably learned this with Weasley, practiced with his traitorous Muggle-loving (Mudblood-loving) tongue, he can't help kissing her back. And when she steps back, he can't help leaning towards her. It's only for a moment, but he knows it, and she knows it.

"I win," she says, and she takes the torch from the bracket, and starts up the stairs.